An eclectic mix of music from various cultures and genres. The band takes the audience on a musical journey, beginning with a lively Swedish contemporary folk cover of Väsen, followed by a sultry French gypsy bossa. The band also showcases their ability to weave together traditional and contemporary sounds, with a Swedish traditional wedding polska.


Rebecca Karlen Violin, Viola, Nyckelharpa, Voice
Paul Henderson Acoustic Guitar, Banjo
John Reeves Button Accordion
Samuel Vincent Double Bass

Presented in Association with Musica Viva Australia and Rowlee Wines, Orange

8th March


Performance: 8:30pm

19 Lake Canobolas Rd, Nashdale

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Emotive performances of French chanson and an original composition inspired by African music highlight the band's musical prowess, while a unique interpretation of Vivaldi's Presto movement from Summer captivates the audience with its distinctive instrumentation. The concert pays homage to the band's roots with a Swedish traditional folk ballad and features beautiful renditions of a Latin American folk ballad from Argentina and an Italian bossa nova.

The concert concludes with an original folk composition and Brazilian choro, followed by a French chanson based on a Peruvian waltz and a unique arrangement of a Norwegian folk piece. This concert promises a diverse and captivating experience, showcasing the band's unique musical style and arrangements.


Flippen - Swedish contemporary folk cover of Väsen
Jardin d’hiver - French gypsy bossa
Bas-Pelles Eriks Brudpolska - Swedish traditional wedding polska
Je me suis fait tout petit - French chanson by Georges Brassens
Departure - Original composition inspired by South African pianist and composer Abdullah Ibrahim
Presto from Summer - Vivaldi: Baroque music with unique instrumentation

Visa från Utanmyra - Swedish traditional folk ballad
Big Country - Bluegrass and Appalachian inspired tune by Béla Fleck
Alfonsina y el mar - Latin American folk ballad from Argentina by Ariel Ramírez and Félix Luna
Estate - Italian bossa nova by Bruno Martino
Lay Down Your Arms and Make Merry - Original folk composition by John Reeves
Brasilierinho - Brazilian choro by Waldir Azevedo

Triste - Bossa Nova by Antonio Carlos Jobim
La Foule - French chanson based on a Peruvian waltz by Angel Cabral and Michel Rivgauche
Old Reinlender from Sønndala - Estampa arrangement of a Norwegian folk piece, inspired by Danish String Quartet
Choro Pesado - Modern Brazilian choro by Dudu Maia and Douglas Lora